Amazing Amsterdam

At the beginning of August, we took part in the biggest gymnastics festival in the world in Amsterdam and were able to thrill the audience with three shows as part of the group "The Rock". Many thanks to our sponsors!

Geko's Gallery

We have already had the pleasure of enjoying some incredible performances. As pictures speak louder than words, we have compiled some of the best snapshots of them in our image gallery...

Next Performances/Competitions

May 25, 2024: Moränencup in Menzingen
July 2-7, 2024: Wolves Festival in Rhodes (GR)
September 7/8, 2024: SMV in Zuchwil

Our Motto

It's Showtime

We 'Gekos' are a show team of 27 people from the canton of Zug and its surrounding areas. Our greatest passion is the rehearsing and presentation of new show choreographies. In this, we uniquely combine spectacular partner acrobatics with high-level floor and step bar gymnastics. We perform our shows both nationally and internationally, and it thrills us when we can captivate our audience. At the "European Gym for Life Challenge 2022", our performance received the golden, and thus the highest, rating.

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Photos of our shows


© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Julie Emotions
© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Martin Fröhlich
© Foto: Julie Emotions
© Foto: Julie Emotions
© Foto: STV Moeriken Wildegg
© Foto: STV Moeriken Wildegg
© Foto: STV Moeriken Wildegg
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We look forward to hearing from you via one of the mentioned email addresses...

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Technical Management
Oliver Müller
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Admin / Website
Lukas Krebs
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Chantal Twerenbold
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2022 Gold at the European Gym for Life Challenge
Book a


Would you like to book us for a show performance? Then you're in the right place! Whether as part of a larger show for thousands of spectators or in a small setting, for example, for a special birthday or a company party, we would be happy to showcase our talents to the audience in exchange for a small contribution to our group's fund. Our show performances usually last between 5 and 10 minutes (excluding set-up/take-down time). We either present our current floor show program or a special show version of our combined apparatus competition program.

Contact us non-bindingly at the following email address: (Please activate Javascript to see the email address)

Please provide us with the following information:

  • Date/Time of the event
  • Type of event (expected number of spectators, location, description of the stage, etc.)
  • Desired presentation of the show you wish to have (duration, number of performances, special requests regarding thematic implementation)

We will be happy to discuss the possible implementations with you. Please note, however, that we can only accept a limited number of performances per year. The sooner you get in touch, the better. Also, depending on the effort involved (e.g., travel expenses, transportation of mats/bars by us, or special requirements for the show program), we reserve the right to agree on an additional fee.

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A big thanks to

Our Sponsors

Without the financial support of generous sponsors and patrons, our show team could not exist in its current form. Thank you very much!

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Tv Hünenberg


In addition to our commitment to the show team, we are all also members of the Gerätekombination TV Hünenberg, where we engage in competitive sports. "Gerätekombination" is a German expression for a discipline in club gymnastics where several apparatuses are combined in a performance to music. As a group, we regularly participate in "Gerätekombination" competitions and are among the top clubs in Switzerland. At the last federal gymnastics festival (ETF 2019) in Aarau, we achieved an excellent 2nd place in the single division club competition.

Website of TV Hünenberg

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